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Dear friends of Rebholz-wines,

the year is moving forward, and still it keeps us in suspense, the C-word dominates our everyday life. Even though many circumstances now seem almost like a "new normality" to us. Nevertheless, we are happy and hope that dear old habits will soon find their place again. And again and again we think about which habits in the time "after C" will probably be passé and belong to the past. In some occasions this is certainly necessary, right and good. Everyone may draw their own lessons and consequences from this time.

Nature will not be disconcerted by the new normality. The picture book weather continues to provide a clear vegetation advantage. Therefore, the vine blossom began at the end of May a good three weeks earlier than usual, which is why we begin the harvest quite early again. The water supply for the deep-rooted vines is still quite good, but we would still welcome rainfall...

There is also a lot going on in the cellar at the moment: the VDP.Große Gewächse (GG) have been bottled, and the last white wines from 2019 (Chardonnay, π-No. and Sauvignon Blanc) and the red wines from 2018 are now coming out of the small oak barrels. From 1st September on, these new 2019s are available.

We hope that we will continue to be spared from storms and will soon report to you here again how things are progressing in the vineyard and cellar.


Try our wines of vintage 2019 - they are available at our shop. Or contact us for our special recommendations, for your personal tasting package or much more information. We are looking forward hearing from you!


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