Dear friends of the Rebholz-wines,

February brought us a lot of snow and cold temperatures down to -11 °C, followed by bright sunshine and spring-like weather with 22 °C!

In the meantime, all the vines in our vineyards have been pruned and the pruned wood has been removed. With the process of pruning we lay again a first foundation in our quality philosophy. In the coming weeks, the rods will now be tied before the vines awaken from their "winter sleep" in April.

A lot has happened in the past days and weeks in our cellar too. The yeasts, of the already fermented wines, have sunk to the bottom of the barrel and the wines have clarified. In the last few days we have tasted all the barrels and then separated some young wine from the yeast gently. These are the first estate wines, which will be bottled in mid-March. We give our Großen Gewächse more time and rest, so they can develop even further. We find the wines of the new vintage again very promising. You -and we- can be very excited about it!


Best regards,
your Rebholz family