A Family Affair

The Rebholz winegrowing family today comprises Birgit and Hansjörg Rebholz together with their children Hans, Valentin and Helene. Multiple generations of the family have lived in the same house in the town of Siebeldingen. And as current stewards of our estate, we are proud to continue a family history reaching back well into the 16th century.

Although every generation of Rebholz before us has been involved with wine, we represent the third contiguous generation living out the family's viticultural and vinicultural history in the lovely house on the German Weinstraße. These years of focused dedication have seen the development of a distinctive house style, perhaps best described as Recognizably Rebholz. In the beginning it was perceived as a provocation; later it would bring recognition and success. Precisely because of that distinctive style we are proud to enjoy the long-standing status as one of the premiere houses in all of Germany.

Our wines are frequently described with a pithy: 'typically Rebholz'