Only few ideas remain timelessly...

In 1908, renowned wineries founded today's VDP Pfalz with the common goal of producing naturally pure wines of highest quality from traditional grape varieties in the best locations. The VDP Pfalz still pursues this goal today, as does the German Association of the VDP.

As early as 1910, today's all-German VDP was founded, initially as an association of auctioneers of natural wines. Today, 200 winegrowers from all over Germany have the «grape eagle» on their bottle capsules as a common symbol and guarantee of unadulterated wine enjoyment.  The VDP and its members, selected according to strict criteria, are today the bastion of quality against everything that makes wine arbitrary and artificial in a globalised world.

In addition to joint events and advising members, the main focus is the further development of quality criteria and guidelines for wine production. The VDP members are convinced that the quality of a wine is determined by its origin – namely its vineyards. Their quality is determined by soil, topographical location, climate and microclimate. With its classification of vineyard sites, the VDP offers orientation so that outstanding qualities can also be recognised. The quality pyramid of the vinery «Ökonomierat Rebholz» corresponds to this classification.

Hansjörg Rebholz heads the Palatinate Regional Association VDP Pfalz since 1999.