We couldn´t have asked for anything better

Our vinicultural achievements would be impossible without the remarkable Südpfalz soils and climate. Luck has played a role too: the Palatinate (Pfalz) with its vineyards on the edges of the Palatinate forest is counted among the leading international appellations for dry Rieslings and Pinots. In recent years, even our red Pinot varieties have begun to acquire a global reputation. The same holds true for the aromatic varieties such as Muskateller (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) and Gewürztraminer.

The region in and around Siebeldingen and Birkweiler is blessed with a diverse and desirable geological composition of loess-loam, colored sandstone, limestone and Rotliegendes soil. A mountain range protects the vineyards from the west, as does the height and aspect of the slope of the sites where our wines grow. Together these create varying micro-climates and open the possibility for us to produce distinctive characteristics known as recognizably Rebholz.