Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder)

Spätburgunder, also know as Pinot Noir, which is the origin of the world famous red Pinots from Burgundy, is one of the most important varieties for us next to Riesling.

Everywhere this variety forces winemakers, to produce high quality wines. But the prima donna under the red varieties has high demands on Terroir and skills of the wine maker. We see it as a present from nature that we have sites, that are a huge stage for Pinots and make it possible to produce great once.

The classic variety shows wines with ruby red color and blue reflexes. Typical aromas are red berries, cherry and fine smokiness. Spätburgunder tastes smooth, with pleasant acidity. They have a long aging potential.

Through whole berry pressing, which is also common for Champagner production, not red juice is flowing but only white juice («Blanc de Noir»), because the red color is only in the berry skin. This «white» Pinot Noir together with «Blanc de Blanc» from Chardonnay creates a great Sekt like our π NO.® Gold.