Riesling is an all-rounder. It can appear in many different styles of wine. From fresh, fruity all day wines, to great, majestic, dry single vineyard wines, like our GGs. From fresh, light wines with residual sugar to great Dessert wines with years of aging potential.

The most famous German white variety belongs to one of the high-quality vines and matches perfectly with our terroir. Riesling also has the possibility to show the specifics of the site perfectly. For all this Riesling is the most important variety in out estate.

The vine probably originates from wild vines from Rhine, demands high requirements of the site and belongs to the late varieties. Typical aromas are citrus, grapefruit, apple, peach and passion fruit. Young Riesling tastes fresh and classy. They are wines with a lot of minerality and good acidity structure. They belong to the wines with huge aging potential, that develop perfectly, as dry wines but also as wines with residual.