A Natural Character

There is a clear streak of passion, devotion — even obsession — running through the many generations of the Rebholz family. We, together with our wines, are known for having incredibly strong, some might say 'headstrong,' convictions. The Rebholz way does not adhere to current trends and popular thought. Rather, it doggedly pursues the family tradition of 'Natural Wine' written into the history of the estate since the 40s when the Herr Ökonomierat himself still worked the winery.  Then as now, our wines are neither enriched nor deacidified. We believe both practices spoil the wine's defining and natural character.

The role of soil in producing quality wine is so crucial to us that we have spent many lifetimes searching out the finest sites and then preserving and protecting them through organic farming practices. We pick all of our fruit by hand, in many cases long after our esteemed colleagues have completed their own harvest.  We tend to believe that our wines themselves know what is best for them. With this thought in mind, we are unstinting in our use of modern methods in our cellar, but only so long as it enhances the soul of the new grapes well on their journey to thoughtful, developed and character-rich wines.